Arrivals & Departures: Barry's Timeline

These pages expand on the synopsis to reveal to timeline for the Ez & Barry's memories with the dates taken from the original manuscript. Ez's timeline can be found here.

Barry's Timeline

1984: A railway station. Barry has just married Debs (Debra) and they are about to embark on their honeymoon, being seen off by family and friends. Deb's father Jess sneaks Barry some extra money and suggests Barry will be the right man to take over the family building business, Fox's, when he retires. Barry is revealed not to be very organised and prone to losing things. Barry is 27, Debs is 20.

1992: Barry and Debs now have a 7 year old daughter Daisy, who Barry dotes on. Jess has promoted Barry to a desk job, but Barry still prefers physical building work. Barry is 35, Debs is 28, Daisy is 7.

1999: A railway station. Jess has had a stroke and Daisy is upset and seeks solace from her father. Barry is 42, Debs is 35, Daisy is 14.

1999: A hospital waiting area: Jess's wife Pauline meets Barry and Debs and with little approval tells them Jess wants Barry to take over the family business - she believes even at 42 Barry is not prepared nor suited to the role. Pauline also admits she will no longer be able to handle the business accounts and it will be taken over by Lily, who has been shadowing her. It also becomes obvious Debs has issues with how close Daisy is to Barry. Daisy tells Barry she believes he can run the business successfully.

2000: Fox's Building Office. It is Barry and Lily's first day in their new positions at Fox's. Barry offers to take Lily to lunch as a 'one-off' treat. Barry is 43, Lily is 36.

2005: A motorway service area. Fox's auditor Norman tells Barry the company is losing tens of thousands of pounds, which is being siphoned off by a 'devious genius'. Norman tells Barry the board must be informed but to keep the information to himself as it is fraud and the police will become involved. Barry also mentions an accountant and his best man, Clive, has joined the company whom Debs is keen to see join the board. Barry is 48.

2005: A yard at Fox's. Barry tells Lily in confidence what he has been told about the accounts. She bursts into tears and apologises to him, before warning him to watch out for Debs and where she goes on Thursday nights.

2011: A public park. Barry meets Daisy, who he has not seen in a long time. Debs has left Barry to live with Clive and Barry has not forgiven Debs yet. Daisy notes everyone presumed Barry and Lily were having an affair because of the amount of time they spent together - which Barry denies. Lily was the person stealing the money and got away following Barry's tip-off. The police interviewed Barry for months believing he was involved, before accepting he was just very gullible. Daisy expresses her disappointment about what people think about Barry because of the theft and Debs' affair, Barry angrily asserts his belief in not being cynical and trying to see the best in people. Daisy announces she is getting married, but neither Barry nor Debs will be invited to the small ceremony. Obviously upset, Barry agrees and Daisy hopes Barry will meet her and her husband in the future. Barry tells Daisy he loves her and she leaves sadly. Barry is 54, Debs is 26.

2013: A London mainline rail terminus. Barry is now a traffic warden and, having nearly been run-over by the terrorist Cerastes when issuing a traffic ticket in Harrogate, has been brought into the operation to capture Cerastes to help identify him. He meets Private Swain, assigned to look after him during the operation.

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